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Here's a gameplay recording I made after a few hours of playing:

Using the Itch launcher the game is unable to create a staging folder (Access is denied).

Hey, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'm looking into this issue now. If you wouldn't mind, could you try downloading the game directly from the bundle page and see if it runs that way? I'll try to reproduce your problem on a couple of different computers in the meantime.

Yes, I can download it manually and install without any issues. I just played a bunch.


Ah ok. I guess it must be some kind of problem with the Itch launcher permissions maybe. Glad you got to play it at least! Thanks for taking the time to try my game, I really appreciate it.


So I've just now successfully been able to download, install and play Zzap! on the Itch launcher on two different computers, which makes me wonder if it's something to do with the security settings on your computer preventing installation of the game. This could be anti-virus software, firewall, insufficient user permissions... I'd suggest trying logging in to your computer as admin, launching Itch as admin, checking your firewall settings and allowing Itch as an exception to the firewall, and disabling any additional anti-virus software. I hope you're able to find a solution!


Ah, I see. I've now found the issue. Last night I pinned the Itch launcher to my taskbar and when I launch it from there it doesn't show the pop up asking me for permission to make changes to my pc. Sorry about that.


No worries! Now I know what to tell the next player who has the same problem.

Hey guys, update 1.0.4 is now live, you may need to re-download the game from the store page, if your Itch launcher doesn't automatically update it. 

Captain Zzap???

thanks for adding it to the bundle. Add another Z in there for Zelensky