Zzap Nasty Aliens to Help Lovely Ukrainians

Hey, Zzap! was included in the Bundle for Ukraine, so tell your friends to make a donation and grab a copy - The great nation of Ukraine needs your help.

A lot of new players are downloading Zzap! I released a small update containing bug fixes for a couple of glaring issues I overlooked. I am also planning on adding a small feature update in the near future in response to player feedback, including more impactful shooting.

I hope you enjoy playing Zzap! 

Fuck Putin, naturally.


zzap-windows.zip 36 MB
Mar 11, 2022
zzap-linux.zip 39 MB
Mar 11, 2022
zzap-macos.zip 36 MB
Mar 11, 2022
README.md 1 kB
Mar 11, 2022

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